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A faster, easier, drier, safer bathing experience for your baby.

Our hooded extra large bib style baby towel is worn by you and wrapped around your baby. It keeps you dry and your baby warm and safe.

It leaves both hands free for safe lifting, wrapping and drying.

It secures around your neck with easy-on and off snaps - just like an apron.

Made from 100% cotton.

Suitable for use from newborn to toddler.

Size: 100x100 cm.

Bib Baby Towel - White towel with beige piping

VAT Included
  • 1. Fasten the towel around your neck like an apron, with the hood facing forward.

    2. Using two free hands, carefully lift your baby from the bath and place him directly on your breast. It always increases your baby's weight.

    3. Lift the towel and gently place the cap over your baby's head. Wrap both sides of the towel around your baby and pat dry.

    4. Place your baby on a safe surface before untying him from around his neck.

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