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Teething is a natural developmental stage that every child goes through. At this stage, your child will try to suppress the itching feeling of his gums by chewing many different objects. One of these objects will be the wooden sections at the top of the baby bed.

my bee and me bed top protection:

  • By using our bed edge protectors, you can prevent your child from swallowing harmful chemicals such as wood, paint and varnish.⠀

  • Our bed top protectors also protect your child from impacts if he hits his head on these parts.

  • Additionally, there will be no teeth marks that would create a bad appearance on your baby's crib.

  • It is suitable for use in all baby room types, including Montessori baby rooms.

  • The crib side topper protector is recommended by professionals parents trust (pediatricians, sleep consultants).

The SHORT size fits bed rails up to 20 cm in circumference (70 cm long).

The LONG size fits bed rails up to 20 cm in circumference (125 cm long).

Gray - Baby Mattress Top Protector

VAT Included
  • Place the crib top protector on the wooden edge of your baby's crib and tie the laces on it through the holes opposite them at appropriate points. To prevent your child from untying these laces, first make a knot and then a bow. If you wish, you can hide the laces under the protector.

    If the bed edge top protector is too long for the furniture edge, you can easily fold it inwards to the desired length and secure it by tying the laces in this way.

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