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my bee and me bed rail protectors:

  • protects your baby from impacts and injuries;
  • ensures a healthy airflow around the bed;

  • It allows mother and baby to see each other;

  • Your baby can see his/her surroundings;

  • Perfect for sleep training;

It is absolutely safe for your baby compared to one-piece baby mattress protection products ( baby mattress edge protector, mesh protector, crib protector, etc.) that are banned in many US states.

It hugs each railing tightly and does not slip. In this way, it provides a stylish and tidy appearance in the baby room .

Thanks to its different color and size options, it is compatible with all baby room styles, including Montessori baby rooms .

It is compatible with all baby cots, baby cribs and Montessori children's beds that include railings.

SEE MORE - for more detailed information about the product.

White - Mattress Edge Protector

VAT Included
  • You can purchase our bed rail protectors in the quantity or package you want.

    For package purchases, the cost of a single protector is lower than for single purchases.

    1 Pack includes 12 bed guards covering 12 railings.

    STANDAR T size fits bed rails up to 9 cm in circumference (55 cm long).

    LARGE size fits bed rails 9-1 4cm in circumference (55cm long).

    MONTESSORI fits bed rails with a size circumference of 11-16 cm (40 cm long).

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